how to Change Mouse pointer looks in 15 sec

By | March 31, 2018

How to change Mouse pointer looks

In the event that you are utilizing windows for quite a while and you need to see your windows in another position, you can attempt it. On the off chance that how to change the Mouse pointer looks it will give new inclination. I ought to recommend you for once you should give this a shot to your Laptop or PC. It will chip away at any windows like Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, 10.

You can make pointers looks as you need. There are various sorts of pointers in there. You can pick any of them. You can expand its size, or you can diminish its size, or you can make it entire dark. So today I am demonstrating how the change the Mouse pointer looks.

The mouse cursor is one of the mainstays of present day UI plan. Regardless of whether you’ve changed to a tablet or touchscreen gadget like Microsoft surface pro line, in some cases you simply need that dependable old cursor, particularly in a working framework that actually slants intensely toward the regular work area (i.e., Windows).

In any case, that doesn’t mean you need to remain with the default decision. Customers looking for different cursor tones and size, whether or not for better penetrability or basically subject to restorative tendency, can follow our essential guide on the most ideal approach to change your mouse cursor in Windows.

Changing the cursor to an arrangement of basic Windows 10 “subjects” — which function as varieties of cursors for conventional action, text decision, hyperlinks, etc — is truly straightforward, be that as it may, customers can similarly change particular pictures or present themed packs.

We can make it in two ways. Don’t worry both ways are simple.  One way is using Control panel settings and another way is for God Mode user.  

Way1: Using Control Panel settings, change the pointer looks 

 Step1: First Go to Control panel on your windows. If you don’t have the control panel icon on your windows then you can learn it from my previous article ( How to add desktop icon in windows 10


How to change the Mouse pointer looks

 Step2:  One-click on Mouse. For your batter understanding I give a screenshot down below.


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Step3: You will see a Mouse properties bar. Now go to pointers. Then one-click on Browse.  


 Step4: Then select any one which you like most . Then one click on Open then Apply then OK.


It’s done.    Way2: Using legendary God Mode settings.  It is very easy task for them who are using God Mode. If you don’t know how to enable this secret setting to your Windows you should check out my this article (How to enable legendary GodMode in Windows ). Following some simple steps you change your mouse looks.  Step1: Open God Mode setting. And find out the option named.  Change how the mouse pointer looks. Then you will find the mouse properties option bar.  I am sure from there you can make it on your own.


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