How to decrease startup time in windows 10

By | May 1, 2021

How to decrease startup time in windows 10:  You can decrease startup time, Sometimes we stay in a great hurry when we use our computer or laptop.  When we power on our computer, we have to wait until it completely starts which is really boring to me I don’t know about yours.

After waiting a long time when the computer open, it started to show many applications like Keyboard, Anti-virus, Utorrent. A decrease in startup time makes your computer desktop or laptop more smooth and fast in which you can feel premium.  

Boot time is the time it takes to stack the OS bit, gadget drivers, introduce the equipment, and perhaps start the GUI.

Startup time incorporates boot time in addition to the extra time it takes the OS to stack and introduces all the administrations and different projects that get pursued quickly the boot cycle finishes. An endeavour to associate with organizations and organization gadgets occurs during startup.

Startup closes when CPU usage and plate I/O drop too low rates. On Linux frameworks, this generally ranges a couple of moments. On Windows, it can take a few minutes.

Separate from a startup is the thing that occurs after the client signs in. There is normally a login content or grouping, for example, designing the GUI work area, and associating with the client’s organization stockpiling on document workers, DropBox, and so on

Most PCs have too many programs that want to start up when the computer boots. Many of them do this by default meaning our boot times are littered with programs that want to be ready when you are.

If the startup time for your new (or new-ish) Windows PC has slowed to a crawl you might be able to fix it with just a little house cleaning.

  It actually started to open automatically. It makes me more bored .  So I suggest you to use more comfortable windows with the help of post. Today I am going to show you how to decrease startup time in windows 10 and speed up your computer.    Recommended : CLICK HERE How to make your computer faster

Advantage:  When you reduce the startup time to your computer, you can easily enter into your computer, which is around 10 to 15 minute. So you don’t have to wait for a long time and besides if you disabled the applications which are open unexpectedly, you can speed up your computer.

    How to reduce the startup time to speed up your computer    –  First go to This PC and press the Right-button on your mouse. (If you don’t know how to show desktop icon like This PC, Network, User’s, you should check out my previous article.)  

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Steps to Decrease Startup time in windows 10:

  Go to Properties.

Decrease Startup time in windows 10

  -One click on Advanced System Setting.

Decrease Startup time in windows 10

      -You will see a system properties bar.   

Decrease Startup time in windows 10

One click on setting which is under the Startup and  recovery 0ption.

-You will see an option named Time to display list of operating system – 30 seconds, which is a default setting. Make it 10 then ok.


  Then press left ctrl+ left shift + esc.  It will open the task bar . Go to startup. You will see all applications which is enabled to open after startup. Disable them which you do not want to be shown.  


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