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This is not a Player review for Super Pippo, it is a PES Manager review. Because at this point, I think we all know how overpowered Inzaghi is as a player and as a super-sub, but what goes under the radar sometimes is that he’s actually in the game as a manager as well, as he manages the Italian side Benevento IRL.

When I was going through the manager list, picking my replacements at the start of the season, I was trying to find a good Counter Attacking Manager for 4-3-3 Flat. But there really weren’t many. My best options were using Santos Defensive tactics, but I wanted to try something new.

That’s when I stumbled across Inzaghi, 4-3-3, with a deeper DMF spot which is just perfect for an Anchor Man. His tactics are the same for the Offensive and Defensive phase, but I use his defensive tactics because of Deeper Defensive Line and higher Compactness.

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The board SKILL – 750


Develop – LONG PASS (Not ideal yet works)

Assaulting AREA – WIDE (Perfect for Prolific Wingers and Roaming Flanks)

Situating – FLEXIBLE

Backing RANGE – 9

Guarded STYLE – ALL OUT Defense

Control AREA – WIDE (Again, not ideal but rather not a serious deal all things considered)


Guarded LINE – 1 (Just ideal for AoD)

Smallness – 6

Crew BUILD –

GK – AoD = Defensive Goalkeeper. Cech, Courtois, Handanovic, Oblak.


LB/RB – Offensive Fullbacks/Fullback Finisher: If you’re utilizing OFB at that point utilize a Prolific winger or a Creative Playmaker on that side in assault to supplement one another. In case you’re utilizing Cross Specialist, play an FBF behind him.

CB – Deep Defensive line so they don’t should be excessively quick. Make a point to have tall folks who are acceptably noticeable all around on the grounds that Containment Area wide methods you will confront a lot of crosses.

DMF – Anchor Man: I utilize a Manual switch so an Anchor Man is a must for me. Somebody like Barrios, Gilberto Silva, Rodri, and so on are extraordinary.

CMF – Use a combo of 1 assaulting CMF and 1 guard. Albeit the CMFs line is very profound, they get forward a great deal and will help you a ton in the assaulting stage. Beckham, Lampard, Iniesta are extraordinary as the assaulting choice, Matthaus, Allan, are incredible in protection.

LWF/RWF – Attacking Area wide methods your wingers will do the greater part of the work in assault for you. Particularly in the event that you utilize a FITB or Target Man at CF. Neymar is an exemption due to his splendid abilities and wrapping up. Salah, Mane, Pepe, are on the whole phenomenal decisions.

CF – Since Attacking Area is wide, I like to utilize a FITB to drop back and nearly play like a bogus 9 with the wingers running past him. MVB is simply great. He can make, he can score, he can head, he’s simply stunning. I keep a pacey Goal Poacher like Torres on the seat for the subsequent half in the event that I need a more straightforward methodology.

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Professionals –

· He’s the quintessential Counter Attacking Manager. A profound guarded methodology, not driving handles yet rather holding your shape until the rival commits an error and afterwards dispatching forward in extraordinary numbers.

Due to the normal state of the arrangement, the midfielders come profoundly to safeguard, while each of the 3 advances stays high up the pitch, practically going about as 3 CFs. At the point when you get the ball back, you can transform guard into assault instantly.

· The midfielders are exceptionally portable. Adaptable situating implies in the event that you use Powerhouse players like Matthaus, they will be all overall game. I’ve had times where Matthaus wins the ball back in my crate, and a couple of passes later he is in the resistances box getting a help.

Indeed, even the assaulting CMF, in spite of the fact that their beginning position is profound, aren’t reluctant to push forward and support the assailants. Beckham and Lampard have scored numerous objectives for me showing up later than expected in the crate, or in any event, belting one from outside.


· The help range is altogether too high for my preferring. 9 SR implies you will discover your wingers secluded now and again, Sometimes even your middle forward. In those circumstances, you simply need to attempt to clutch the ball and sit tight for sprinters, or pass back and start once more.

However, there could be a benefit to it – in light of the fact that it’s so high, the front 3 frequently push high up, practically acting like 3CF, and this can be valuable for rankling counters. In case you’re willing to forfeit a touch of guarded robustness, you can change to his Attacking strategies, where the Defensive Line goes up to 2, Compactness drops to 4 and Support Range drops to 8. In any case, that – 1 isn’t awesome IMO.

· No AMF implies there’s a hole in that piece of the pitch. In case you’re utilized to 4312 or 4213, this may take somewhat of an expectation to absorb information, however eventually, as I said, the CMFs do join the assault to cover that space, and it additionally now and then makes space for MVB to drop into, which at that point implies he can discover Salah or Neymar making a sharp run.

Generally speaking THOUGHTS –

A year ago I never truly preferred 433, I generally preferred to utilize 4213 and 4312, in light of the fact that I generally wanted to have that focal AMF making play. Yet, on the off chance that you figure out how to function around that, you get significantly more protective robustness with a Single Pivot and 2 CMFs, thus far, Inzaghi has been my #1 administrator in the game.

I accumulated these considerations and more bits of knowledge into a Youtube video just as certain features, which you can look at here –


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level 2

Frantic Destroyer

a half year prior

I attempted a couple of traditionalist squeezing chiefs and man, I totally spilled objectives. Such a lot of that I really delivered every one of them. It was less my squeezing, yet the hole my safeguards normally gave was sufficient to let the resistance strikers score again and again.

I discover your survey quite decent, however just assaulting insightful. I think protectively (in principle) it would be really difficult to be steady with Inzaghi.

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