How to make your computer faster in 2 minutes.

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At the point when your PC is running slow, there isn’t anything all the more disappointing, however it could be impossible to buy another PC. Before you surrender, there are different things you can check to ensure your PC is running as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. Here are a few tips you can make your computer faster in a sec. Read through the detailed and learn how to make your computer more fast but before using this tips you can also try some random method they are given below:

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Step by step instructions to Make Your Computer Faster

1. Check Your computer Hard Disk Space

It’s a decent dependable guideline to keep your hard circle 15% free. In the event that you see that your hard plate is practically full, you can eliminate a few projects and documents to improve speed.

PC: There are cleanup programs that can help you in opening up hard drive space by erasing brief records, clearing program history, erasing treats, tidying up the Windows vault and defragmenting your hard circle. Panda Cleanup permits you to give the primary month a shot for

2. Close Unused Tabs

On the off chance that you have been dealing with an enormous extend and have 1,000,000 tabs, it very well might be useful to close these and restart your program. Most programs have a choice to reestablish past tabs whenever you’ve restarted or dense.

3. Erase or Remove Large/Unnecessary Files

Any transitory documents that were utilized in an establishment cycle, stores and treats from the web can occupy a great deal of room on your hard plate.

Macintosh: Download CCleaner to discover and erase brief documents on your hard circle.

PC: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

4. Restart Your Computer

At the point when your PC is left on, foundation projects and applications can assume control over memory. Restarting your PC can revive memory and take into consideration appropriate portions to refresh. It’s imperative to close down or restart your PC in any event once every week to keep things running easily.


There are also some hidden tricks of  making your computer more faster in 2 minutes.

1.First press (windows key+R)… will open a run command key…..Type    #temp#     then press enter .

you will see so many file.They are all cache memory ,Delete them all

2.Press (windows key+R) …..type     prefetch     ,then enter ,delete all the files .


  key+R)  ….type      temp        ,then enter ,Delete all the temporary files (windows key+R)  ……type      recent     ,then enter,Delete all the files if any files shows up.
5.Finally press (windows key+R)  …..type    tree    ,,,then enter,,,….Every time when you run a tree it means you are refreshing your computer 1000 times
It is enough to make your computer faster ,…….😊😊
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