5 ways to take Screenshot in windows 10

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5 ways to take Screenshot in windows 10


Screenshot are so useful and so much handy. When we need to save some information for later either we have to mind it or we have to write it In somewhere . That make difficulties 
There are so much option to take a screenshot , there are snipping tool, various keyboard and physical button shortcuts and thousands of third party tool. But if want to take  a screen shot simply then you don’t have to worry , because here I give you 5 ways to take screenshot in windows 10.:
  • Print Screen:

       To capture entire screen press Prt SC .  It will not save your screenshot , it will just make a copy in Clipboard . For saving this you have to open an image editing tool  and past the copy from clipboard and save it.
  • Windows key + Print Screen:

      Hit the PrtScn catch/or Print Scrn button, to take a screen capture of the whole screen: When utilizing Windows, squeezing the Print Screen button (situated in the upper right of the console) will take a screen capture of your whole screen. Hitting this catch basically duplicates a picture of the screen to the clipboard.
Where does it go? All things considered, you need to open Word, Paint or some other picture altering system to see, alter or spare the picture. For instance, open Word and snap Ctrl and v. This is an easy route rather than right-tapping the mouse and choosing glue. In the event that you’d prefer to catch just the dynamic window press the Alt and PrtScn fastens together and glue into your report like above.
  • Windows key + H:
      It will capture your whole screen for sharing purpose . You can directly share the screen without saving it.
  • Alt + Print Screen:
         To take a quick screenshot of active window just press  Alt+prt sc.  You have save it in image editing tool by paste the copy form clipboard.
  • Snip Editor:
    Snip Editor or Microsoft Snip, is a Microsoft garage project that works a little better than the sniping tool. Snip editor lets you delay screenshots by up to 5 seconds so you can grab images of disappearing menus and tooltips.

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