Is PES mobile scripted? PES mobile horrible truth in 2021

By | May 26, 2021

One of my friends asked Is PES mobile scripted?

Folks I was playing a match and first and foremost, I was winning 1-0 he wound up balancing just before halftime which made it 1-1 right when the second half began he scored immediately making it 1-2 however in the 80th moment I adjusted making it 2-2 and finally minute in some way or another he passed it to bunch and scored in the latest possible time yet the thing I’m attempting to bring up is does any other individual notification during the last minutes your protection goes totally waste? Has this consistently happened to you folks?

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pes mobile scripted

The reply is

There are a few games that are for the most part prearranged. From my experience of playing in crusade mode or whiz level matches in occasion mode, if my group goes into a speedy 2 objective lead against resistance with predominant exceptionally evaluated players, at that point I don’t have the foggiest idea how no holds barred, the COM pulls one back and now and again proceeds to even out or even dominate the game. At such at such critical times, own players who for no reasonable purpose mess up.

Either your safeguard will play a high backline or make an idiotic protective mistake, your goalkeeper will make some bungle or will superfluously charge forward when not needed making it simple for the rival to score. Or on the other hand the most well-known one.

A straightforward simple cross into the container and your safeguard regardless of whether in front of the rival will neglect to take it off and misses it and you wind up yielding. Regardless of whether you’ve surrendered late in the match and are following, you may have Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez/Neymar as your striker, yet they’ll miss an open objective or sitter. SO Yes, there is prearranging in PES.