J CANTO 4-3-1-2 PES Manager Review

By | May 16, 2021

J CANTO Manager Review: This is more in line with the scandalous 4-1-2-1-2 development from FIFA on reassures really. This development is I think surprisingly better than F Santos’ one, yet tragically with how the game is, you can’t play as fast as PES 21. Yet, it comes close.

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Here is the crew I was utilizing, it’s like the one I utilized with F Santos. Just contrasts being utilizing

2 B2B players rather then 1 Hole major part in CMF

SS rather the a Classic 10 was an inventive playmaker (which actually works, so does an opening part in SS)

This administrator really has a counter assault strategy as well. However, I don’t feel it functions admirably. I was unable to get to a high TS to test however it has long pass which implies the midfield gets isolated immediately. It doesn’t function admirably


CF – Goal Poacher, he really is accessible for a pass rather then being offside constantly

SS – Classic 10/Hole Player/Creative Playmaker, This position inline with the AMF will direct the play. This player is dynamic, moves vertical and is essential. He will for the most part trade spots with the AMF which makes the arrangement atleast somewhat eccentric

AMF – Hole Player, this player will be the objective man, he will start the 1-2s, the advances and he will send numerous through balls

CMF 1-Hole Player, You can really utilize 2 B2Bs, however Hole player functioned admirably enough, I didn’t discover any issues in guard, so should utilize an opening player

CMF 2 – B2B, Great thing resembles F Santos (and the FIFA development), CMFs will go wide when required, which again gives you numerous choices in assault and approaches to make a play

DMF – Anchor Man, this possibly the lone development I’ve seen since PES 21 where DMF really is a feasible position. He really drops back a great deal like old PES 21 days and stays close to the CBs, in guard you’re initial step is to utilize this player to cover any passing points

Fullbacks – Offensive Fullback. In spite of my creative mind, they really don’t assault like cave dwellers. Their situating is first-rate.

Idk about you folks however by and by, since the full delivery, the passing has been acceptable which does truly help the arrangement. This wasn’t even conceivable in the early arrival of 21 however short 1 meter passes currently really work, so you can play moderately quick..

J.Canto Manager Review, the best 4312/442 ATM and the most comparative administrator to F Santos’ from pes21

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J canto Pes manager Review

This development is I feel it’s far better than F Santos’s, cuz it’s such a ton simpler to play with utilizing it..the players move well..virtually practically all players playing styles work with him. Note!!…. utilizing pass and move is a lot of sweet with this formation..

I’ll suggest you utilizing it frequently(I wouldn’t suggest you utilize it with your wingbacks though..it’ll just open up your defence)..it makes you play some crazy tiki taka’s and furthermore makes you play forcefully and pressure the rival into making mistakes, it’s additionally simple to shadow mark with this supervisor.

This administrator has both counter assault and ownership strategies. I’ve tried the belonging part with in excess of 20 games and it has been strong so far,I’ve tried it against 433,4312,442(no amf), 4123,532,4222,4114 and some others and It has been great. I’ve played with strong players who are acceptable at ownership and counter playing styles. I’ve not sincerely attempted the protective arrangement though..cos of cooperation



CF – Goal Poacher, he really is accessible for a pass so he’ll be the one scoring a large portion of your objectives he isn’t normally offside as well. He ought to have good speed and wrapping up. (RUMMENIGGE is the most favored cos you don’t have to draw near to the guardian to score a screamer goal..only disadvantage is reporters don’t say his name yet in the game. Favored players are Rummenigge,Torres,Mbappe

SS – FITB/Hole Player/Goal poacher, This position inline with the AMF will direct the play. This position is dynamic. Fitb players and opening players return a lil touch and work with the amf to give last pass to the poacher. Anyway I incline toward utilizing the ss as a CF though..cos it’s better that way and makes you pressure all the more forcefully.

Favoured players are Romario, Van Basten (oriented as sub) I incline toward Romario however cos he’s quicker If you wanna utilize an ss..I’ll suggest Cruyff, Romario and Messi Using a SS makes you somewhat eccentric however

AMF – THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!! You need to change the cmf position to amf in the game so it’ll get 4312. This player will be the objective man, he will start the 1-2s, the advances and he will send numerous through balls. I’ve tried an opening player just as an exemplary no 10 and I’ll disclose to you exemplary no 10 perform much better, they don’t normally run into the box, they stay down a Lil spot to take care of the ball to either the POACHER or the FITB.

Exemplary no 10 players get into positions well so you need to use through pass from your cmf’s to take care of them Preferred players are Ronaldinho(he is the best!!),Maradona(legend card) and Gullit If you like opening players…I’ll suggest cruyff..he’s the best opening player ATM.

CMF 1-B2B, You can really utilize 2 B2Bs, or utilize an orchestator so it relies upon your playing style. Be that as it may, for the most part I’ve tried it and discovered B2B cmf’s players play all the more well here. Favored players..Matthaeus,Nedved,Beckham,Tolliso

Tips..(if you wanna utilize the cross expert rendition of Beckham use him on the left side rather than the correct cos his cross expert style may be actuating and it’ll diminish your assaulting forcefulness) If you wanna use Nedved use him as the privilege cmf moreover.

CMF 2 – B2B or an orchestrator, CMFs generally go wide when required, which again gives you numerous alternatives in assault and approaches to make a play.

DMF – Anchor Man or a Destroyer, He really drops back a ton and stays close to the CBs,he joins the assault now and again as well, he captures the rivals passes Preferred players-Viera(the legend card is better on the off chance that you can give him the trackback ability), Fabinho, Busquet. VIERA IS THE BEST FOR THIS POSITION THOUGH, he makes crazy handles that lead to you countering the adversary and it normally results in a goal(with the correct leaves and work behind obviously)

Cb’s – Combo of two development is acceptable or you can go through a form and a destroyer,anyone is fine Preferred player’s-Vvd, De ligt, Varane, Iconic Puyol and so on

Wingbacks – Offensive Fullback or protective fullback works very well..if you like intersection to your strikers, offensive wingbacks are useful for that. I’ve discovered protective wingbacks are better though..they help in safeguarding all the better while playing against individuals utilizing wingers. Favoured LB-Robertson, Alphonso Davies, Roberto Carlos Preferred Rb-Pavard, Arnold and Cafu


I try out a lot of directors in this game so in the event that you need a chief audit on a particular manager..I’ll attempt to sign him and survey him. I’m a Youtuber too..you can check my recordings out(search Tubby Sparks) The last 2 recordings I caused will to doubtlessly be useful Please sub as well