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Microsoft will downgrade windows 11 users whose pcs are not compatible with to windows 10

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Microsoft initially allowed Windows 11 beta versions on computers with 6th and 7th generation Intel processors. However, the company has also started disabling unsupported computers as it gets closer to the stable nature of the operating system.

Too many crashes on incompatible computers

Previously, users on Dev and Beta channels with unsupported hardware could stay in the program until the stable version was released. But now, Microsoft is urging to filter out ineligible devices and return to Windows 10 to continue the update cycle.

Windows update

With legacy PCs testing previous versions of Windows 11, Microsoft used this to formulate the conclusion that eligible PCs experienced negligible crashes around 0.2%, while ineligible PCs had 52% more crashes.

With the release of the stable build, Windows 11 will also be installed from an ISO file.

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