Most Popular Apps in 2021

By | May 13, 2021

More so than some other year, the most famous applications of 2021 really reflect what occurred on the planet. Most popular apps in 2021 like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams added a huge number of clients, as organizations, schools and companion bunches went online to connect.

TikTok sped up past any remaining social applications, even as US President Donald Trump blamed it for being an instrument for the Chinese Communist Party. True to form, Facebook dispatched a TikTok clone on Instagram, Reels, as it did to shorten Snapchat’s development in 2016.

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High risers like Uber, Airbnb and Tinder experienced the Covid pandemic. With numerous nations stopping air travel, shutting diversion settings and prohibiting for the time being stays, each of the three needed to take a gander at better approaches to keep clients on their foundation.

Uber’s situation, has made due to the development of Eats. Airbnb dispatched long haul rentals, albeit this appears to be a transient system to endure more than anything considerable.

Among Us, a game which is made for Discord gatherings and Twitch live streams went from under 1,000 month to month dynamic players to more than 300 million. Disagreement likewise saw critical development on PC and versatile, hitting 100 million dynamic clients.

We have gathered information and measurements on the most well-known applications by country and by class. Peruse on underneath to discover more.

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Most Popular Apps in 2021 by Country

In this part, we investigate the most well known applications in every country. We cover worldwide, Brazil, China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Most Popular Apps 2021 (Global)

App Downloads 2020

TikTok 850 million

WhatsApp 600 million

Facebook 540 million

Instagram 503 million

Zoom 477 million

Messenger 404 million

Snapchat 281 million

Telegram 256 million

Google Meet 254 million

Netflix 223 million

Source: Apptopia

2020 was the year TikTok flooded in front of any remaining stages, with 850 million downloads. TikTok enjoys the benefit of being accessible in China, as Douyin, which represents about a fourth of its downloads. None of the other applications on the rundown are accessible in China.

It was additionally the time of video conferencing, with Zoom seeing a 2000 percent development year-on-year and Google Meet arriving at the main ten. Facebook keeps on ruling the informal communication market, with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger in the best 10.

Most Popular Apps 2020 (United States)

App Downloads 2020

TikTok 89 million

Zoom 81 million

Instagram 62 million

Messenger 61 million

Facebook 53 million

Money App 52 million

Snapchat 51 million

Disney+ 45 million

WhatsApp 45 million

Netflix 45 million

Source: Apptopia

Indeed, even the US President asserting TikTok was a device for the Chinese Communist Party couldn’t stop its development. Zoom, the second most famous application in 2020, has likewise experienced harsh criticism for Chinese control.

The other two new passages are Square’s Cash App, which has seen stupendous income development since presenting Bitcoin ahead of schedule in 2020 and Disney+, which as of now has more than 130 million endorsers around the world.

Most Popular Apps 2020 (United Kingdom)

App Downloads 2020

TikTok 22 million

NHS Covid-19 20 million

Zoom 19 million

WhatsApp 18 million

Instagram 16 million

Microsoft Teams 14 million

Google Meet 12 million

YouTube 12 million

Snapchat 10 million

Facebook 10 million

Sources: Apple, SimilarWeb

Like the remainder of the world, the UK was delighted by TikTok in 2020. One distinction in contrast with most nations is a critical segment of the country which downloaded the Covid-19 track and follow application, dispatched by the NHS in September. As the application was a guardian for getting into bars, the whole nation bounced on it, with more than 10 million downloads in the initial three days.

Work-from-home and internet instructing have prompted three applications – Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet – hitting the main 10 generally well known. Shockingly, neither Disney+ or Netflix figured out how to break the best ten.

Most Popular Apps 2020 (China)

App Monthly Active Users 2020

WeChat 1,027 million

Taobao 838 million

AliPay 801 million

QQ 750 million

Douyin 677 million

iQiyi 655 million

Pinduoduo 652 million

Tencent Video 538 million

Gaode Map 481 million

Baidu Map 449 million

Source: Statista

China is the exception, with the Great Firewall obstructing practically the entirety of the applications worked by US and European organizations. WeChat has installed itself into the Chinese society dissimilar to any application in the West, and keeps on extending its foundation outward with the mix of Pinduoduo and DiDi.

As a side note, DiDi isn’t addressed here as it doesn’t uncover its month to month dynamic clients. Examiners have extended it to be in the 500 to 600 million territory, and it has an inside focus of 800 million by 2022.

Douyin, the Chinese form of TikTok, has seen fair development in the previous year, establishing ByteDance’s place as one of the four huge tech organizations in the country, the other three being Tencent (WeChat, QQ, Tencent Video), Alibaba (Taobao, AliPay, Gaode Map) and Baidu (iQiyi, Baidu Maps).

Most Popular Apps 2020 (India)

App Downloads 2020

Aarogya Setu 140 million

TikTok 120 million

WhatsApp 103 million

Zoom 95 million

Facebook 80 million

Messenger 78 million

Instagram 66 million

Google Meet 64 million

YouTube 50 million

Snapchat 42 million

Sources: BI India, Sensor Tower

TikTok was on target to hit 200 million downloads in India, anyway the public authority prohibited the application in July. A few clones have arisen to attempt to have TikTok’s spot, anyway none hit the best ten rundown this year.

What’s amazing is the absence of Indian applications on the rundown. In past years, Flipkart, Hotstar, Zomato, Gaana Music have all hit the main five. Aarogya Setu is India’s agreement following application, which is the most well known application of its sort around the world.

Most Popular Apps 2020 (Brazil)

App Downloads 2020

Caixa Tem 111 million

TikTok 96 million

WhatsApp 94 million

Auxílio Emergencial 91 million

Instagram 75 million

YouTube 63 million

Zoom 50 million

Facebook 48 million

Google Meet 46 million

Messenger 42 million

Sources: Apple, ITSRio, SimilarWeb

Most Popular App by Category

In this part, we investigate the ten most famous applications of the year by application class. All qualities are worldwide except if expressed something else and do exclude downloads from outsider Chinese Android application stores.

Most Popular Games 2020

App Downloads 2020

Among Us 285 million

Metro Surfers 227 million

Garena Free Fire 218 million

PUBG Mobile 175 million

Gardenscapes 171 million

Roblox 158 million

Tracker Assassin 155 million

Tiles Hop 151 million

Join Clash 149 million

Cerebrum Test 138 million

Source: Apptopia

Among Us is the runaway example of overcoming adversity of 2021. Subsequent to battling to acquire an after for a very long time, it circulated around the web after a few YouTube and Twitch transfers from well known characters, and hit 300 million month to month dynamic clients in October 2021.

PUBG Mobile fills the opening left by Fortnite, which left the Apple and Google Play Store after Epic Games recorded a claim against both stage administrators. Roblox likewise had a breakout year, and is required to IPO in 2021.

Most Popular Social Apps 2021

App Downloads 2021

  • TikTok 850 million
  • Facebook 540 million
  • Instagram 503 million
  • Snapchat 281 million
  • Pinterest 179 million
  • Twitter 119 million
  • BIGO Live 89 million
  • MX TakaTak 65 million
  • Josh Videos 58 million
  • Moj 55 million

Source: Apptopia

TikTok’s predominance can be felt across the best ten, as MX TakaTak and Moj are the two clones of the short-video stage. Facebook additionally dispatched its own clone, Reels, on Instagram recently.

The other huge champ is Pinterest, which saw a huge uptick in clients this year, with its stock value moving more than 260% since the beginning of 2020.

Most Popular Communication Apps 2021

App Downloads 2020

  • WhatsApp 600 million
  • Zoom 477 million
  • Messenger 403 million
  • Telegram 256 million
  • Google Meet 254 million
  • Microsoft Teams 153 million
  • Discord 141 million
  • WhatsApp Business 113 million
  • WeChat 87 million
  • Imo 70 million

Source: Apptopia

Outside of the US, WhatsApp stays the most well known specialized instrument, despite the fact that Telegram is building up a solid traction in Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

For organizations, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have widened their administrations to empower groups to telecommute. Disunity has likewise endeavored to rebrand itself as a specialized device for everybody, not simply gamers.

Most Popular Entertainment Apps 2021

App Downloads 2020

  • Netflix 233 million
  • YouTube 170 million
  • Amazon Prime Video 130 million
  • Disney+ 102 million
  • YouTube Kids 94 million
  • MX Player 82 million
  • Reface 75 million
  • Hotstar 62 million
  • ZEDGE Wallpapers 60 million
  • iQiyi 51 million

Source: Apptopia

Netflix keeps on driving the route in membership video web-based, with Money Heist, Tiger King and Queen’s Gambit all pulling in a large number of new watchers. Disney+ is a clear contender to Netflix and Prime Video, even with a more modest list of video.

Indeed, even with more than two billion month to month dynamic clients, YouTube saw 170 million downloads in 2021. Despite the fact that not on the rundown, TikTok has demonstrated to be a wild contender for YouTube, and Google has reacted by dispatching short-structure recordings on the stage.

Baidu’s iQiyi is of the best ten rundowns, however, in the event that we had the qualities from China’s Android application market, we expect download figures would be at the 200 million imprints. Comparative for Tencent Video, which is the most well-known video web-based feature in China.

Most Popular Music and Audio Apps 2021

App Downloads 2021

  • Spotify 211 million
  • YouTube Music 138 million
  • Shazam 77 million
  • SoundCloud 57 million
  • StarMaker 53 million

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