8 online business that you can start from home with little investment

Believe it or not, there are many online businesses that you can start from home with little investment. From stores that operate under automated processes to companies offering your digital marketing services on their own, every day there are more options to generate income through the internet.

Most people can dream of starting a business and enjoying the flexibility of being their own bosses, however, the initial investment is usually one of the great disadvantages when starting a business. Fortunately, with the rise of online businesses, the economic barrier is beginning to cease to be a problem.

Through this article, we review some business ideas that you can start from home, with little or no initial investment, diversified according to the most valued and demanded skills in the digital age.

Starting an online business from home with little investment: 8 basic ideas

Are you interested in creating your own online business from home and don’t know where to start? Here are 8 ideas to start on the internet with the minimum of economic investment:

Online store with a dropshipping system 

Dropshipping is an online business model of selling products without the stock, ie, instead of investing in an initial stock, this is done by diverting the purchase to the supplier for those who shipped the product.

Therefore, it is the wholesale provider who manages all the logistics and shipping of the purchase to the end customer, in this way, your only job is to promote the products and redirect the largest number of sales at your fingertips to increase your turnover. , without making any initial investment.

To start a dropshipping business from home, you just need to create an online store with Shopify, for example, and reach an agreement with a wholesale supplier that ships the products on behalf of your business.

Social media management 

Online businesses linked to the universe of digital marketing, mainly in the area of social media management, generally do not require any initial investment.

If you have the skills to work as a Community Manager or virtual community manager, this may be your opportunity to earn money managing the online presence of different brands or influential figures until you attract the attention of the target audience, engage with valuable content, awaken a need and increase the possibilities of sale.

Online consulting

If you have skills and qualifications that allow you to provide a clear vision about a specific professional field, there is always the possibility of starting your own online business as a consultant.

Consultants are professional figures with a high degree of mastery over a specific field or sector, which endows them with a particular “wisdom” when it comes to advising, advising, accompanying in decision-making and solving problems with an innovative perception.

As an advantage, it is a business idea applicable to any area where you consider that your experience, skills and knowledge are up to the needs of that market.

Web and/or application development 

The need to maintain a digital presence in various channels has notably increased the demand for professionals capable of bringing to life web pages and mobile apps for specific commercial purposes.

Whether you want to offer your developer services to clients and companies from different parts of the world, or if you have plans to create your own digital product in the form of a mobile app or web platform, this business niche can be a means of generating income without same.

YouTube websites, blogs or channels

Although it is a less effective method of generating income in the short term, monetizing a blog, website or YouTube channel is an increasingly popular alternative when it comes to launching digital businesses from the comfort of your computer.

This type of platform and digital media allows access to different methods to diversify income: from creating content under affiliate marketing strategies to positioning your own brand online.

In addition, you do not have to be tied to the requests of a third party: you yourself will be the one who defines the niche in which you want to position a digital brand, according to your interests, skills and passions.

Creation of digital courses and training

We all have something to teach and the internet is a channel that facilitates connections with students from different parts of the world. Under this premise, new and better digital entrepreneurs are born in the field of education, who share their knowledge with the world in exchange for money.

From creating video courses around a subject that you master in depth, to opening a 100% personalized private tutoring service, the internet is full of opportunities to create an online business as a virtual teacher.

Design and sale of clothing and merchandise 

Today, there are dozens of platforms that allow you to create your own online store for free to sell product lines ranging from t-shirts to postcards, mobile phone cases, accessories, household items, mugs, etc. All of this, without seeing you in the obligation to invest a penny.

The system works simply: you create a creative and eye-catching digital design, upload it to one of these portals respecting the supported formats, choose the products in which you want it to be printed and, for each sale produced, the platform manages print issues and logistics in exchange for a percentage commission.

Redbubble and Society6 are two popular platforms to create an online store with your clothing and accessories designs without any prior monetary investment.

Sale of stock photography or video 

The business of online sale of stock photography and video is an excellent way to generate income with your skills, especially if you have a professional camera or mobile device that allows you to capture moments in good quality.

Undertaking in this area is as simple as creating your brand as a stock photographer and/or videographer to upload your material to agencies and image banks visited by millions of users willing to pay to freely use your creations.

By joining these agencies, they will play the role of intermediaries in transactions with clients from which you will get a percentage commission for each sale of your material that occurs on the platform.

The more extensive your catalog of photographs, videos or other graphic resources, the more possibilities you have to generate income under this entrepreneurial profile.

Among the most popular stock agencies where you can register to sell your work, we have Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Getty Images, 123RF and Depositphotos.

Final words 

Now it’s your turn! If any of these online business ideas that you can start with little investment are related to your main skills and competencies, it’s time to get down to work and jump into a new way of earning income in exchange for sharing your skills with him. world.

Although previously creating a business was associated with large investment capitals, many times risky, the internet provides us with a space to undertake and demonstrate that our passions also have high active potential without having to give up everything.

Are you interested in knowing more areas in which you can start a business online and work from home? Here is a list of 50 jobs that you can do on the computer when you become a self-employed entrepreneur or freelance worker.

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