What is Internet protocol address ..?

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What is IP address ..?

There are so many people who are connecting with internet . And many people have their own website . But some of they don’t know the basic concept about internet address .Today I will give a short but very important concept about Internet address.

 Generally the computer organizing a transaction must identify its intend destination with a unique address. Every computer on the internet has a four part numeric address called the Internet protocol address Or IP address. The IP address contains routing information that identifies destination location . Each of the four parts is a number between 0 to 255. So I should give an example , The IP address looks like this : 


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Computers have no trouble working with such numbers but humans are not so skilled . Therefore connected to the internet use an address system called a Domain Name System (DNS) . By using this we can uses words instead of numbers . That’s more easier for human to remember.
DNS has two parts : An user name , followed by a domain that identifies the type of institution that uses the address .  Some important examples are given below, google
Ø     .com           : Commercial
Ø     .edu            : Educational
Ø     .gov            : Government
Ø     .mil             : Military
Ø     .net             : Gateway or Host
Ø     .org             : Other Organizations
Large institutions and big organization may divide their domain address into smaller domain. A business with so many branches might have a sub domain for each office. Sub domains may be broken into even smaller sub-domains Like : du.bangla.net  
DNS and IP addresses identify individual computers. A single computer might have many users , each of whom must have and account .
I think you got a basic concept about DNS and IP address and what they do .
In my next article I will tell How to create a website in 10 minites. And I will also teach you how to purchase free domain name and free web hosting.

What is an IP address?

Every gadget that interfaces with the Internet needs a novel distinguishing number with which to convey, called an ‘IP address’.

‘IP’ means ‘Web Protocol’. There are two adaptations of IP that presently exist together in the worldwide Internet: IP rendition 4 (IPv4) and IP variant 6 (IPv6). IP addresses are comprised of twofold qualities and drive the directing of all information over the Internet. IPv4 addresses are 32 pieces in length, and IPv6 addresses 128 pieces in length.

IPv4 and IPv6 will be utilized for years to come; anyway there will be a progress from IPv4 to IPv6. Despite the fact that these two conventions can’t connect with one another straightforwardly, “double stack” frameworks give offices to trading information somewhere in the range of IPv4 and IPv6.

Web addresses are a mutual public asset. Powerful administration and reasonable admittance to these assets is fundamental to the progressing strength of the Internet.

APNIC doesn’t offer Internet addresses available to be purchased. It enlists the option to utilize those assets as indicated by approaches set by the network individuals who use them.

Web number assets are distributed to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs, for example, APNIC, by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which is liable for the worldwide coordination of the DNS root, IP tending to, and other Internet Protocol assets.

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The contrasts between IP locations and area names

Since it is hard for individuals to recall long groupings of numbers, the Domain Name System (DNS) was intended to give a disseminated registry of in order names that compare to these numbers.


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