What is RAM…? RAM ACCESS MEMORY definition.

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Is it a complex thing to understand?

What does RAM Stands on?

RAM is another way to say “Random access memory” and keeping in mind that it may sound secretive, RAM is one of the most central components of figuring. Smash is the super-quick and transitory information extra room that a PC needs to get to this moment or in the following couple of seconds. 

What does RAM do, precisely?

RAM is impermanent capacity that disappears when the force kills. So what is RAM utilized for, at that point? It’s exceptionally quick, which makes it ideal for things the PC is effectively chipping away at, for example, applications that are presently running (for instance, the internet browser where you’re perusing this article) and the information those applications work on or with, (for example, this article).

It can assist with pondering RAM with the similarity of an actual work area. Your working space — where you write on something promptly — is the highest point of the work area, where you need everything inside arm’s span and you need no deferral in discovering anything. That is RAM. Interestingly, on the off chance that you need to keep anything to chip away at later, you put it into a work area cabinet — or store it on a hard plate, either locally or in the cloud.

Types of RAM

Primary memory is the main memory of computer. It is a chip mounted on the motherboard of computer. Primary memory is categorized into two main types-

Read Only Memory (ROM):

RAM is used for the temporary storage of input data , output data and intermediate results. The input data entered into the computer using the input device , is stored in RAM for processing . After processing , the output data is stored in RAM before being sent to the output device. Any intermediate results generated during the processing of program are also stored in RAM . Unlike special operation . Therefore , ROM is used to store the data that does not require to change Flash memory is another form rewritable read-only memory that is compact , portable and requires little energy.

    ·     RAM is used to store data and instructions during the operation of computer.

Ø The data and instructions that need to be operated upon by CPU are first brought to RAM from the secondary storage devices like the hard disk.

Ø CPU interacts with RAM to get the data and instructions for processing.

·     RAM loses information when the computer is powered off. It is volatile memory. When the power is turned on, again, all files that are required by the CPU are loaded from the hard disk  to RAM.
·     RAM provides random access to the stored bytes , words, or larger data units . This means that requires same amount of time to access information from RAM , irrespective of where it is located in it.

·     RAM can be read from and written to with the same speed.

·     The size of RAM is limited due to its high cost. The size of RAM is measured in MB or GB.

·     RAM affects the speed and power of a computer . More the RAM , the better it is .

  ·     RAM is a microchip implemented using semiconductors.

·     There are two types of RAM depending on the technology used to construct a RAM –

  •      STATIC RAM (SRAM)  

v DRAMis the most common type of memory chip. DRAM is mostly used as main memory since it is small and cheap.

v SRAM chip is usually in cache memory due to its high speed .It is very easy to use and faster than DRAM

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