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Work as a Web Designer: Everything you need to know

Working as a web designer is one of the options presented with opportunities to work around the world online or from home. There are many options in this professional area, both online and in-person. In addition, the demand for these professionals is very high. Of course, you must have both technical skills to create web portals and artistic ability and sensitivity to design websites that users fall in love with.

Are you ready to know what the working world of a web designer is like?

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What is a web desig

Web Designer


A web designer, as its name implies, is a professional in charge of creating websites that meet all the qualities, requirements and conditions necessary to structure the digital interface of a web page with a good visual identity, coherence and graphic elements that facilitate access and user experience.

Roles when working as a web designer

The main function of a web designer goes far beyond creating pages on the internet. Those who assume this responsibility must ensure compliance with different key aspects in the process of graphically structuring the content of a website and improving its usability.

Some typical functions when working as a web designer consists of:

Plan and shape the visual appearance of a site 

Before getting down to business, it is important to draw up a plan or “draft” of what the website should ideally look like, depending on your objective and the type of users you are targeting. This implies making a good choice based on color palettes, templates, formats, themes, fonts and the interactivity of the information contained.

Apply usability criteria 

Good design is completely linked to usability, that is, a website presents a higher level of quality when it is useful and intuitive in navigating the elements, generally visual, that compose it.

As a web designer, it is important to take care of the usability criteria that will dictate the ease of use that users perceive when moving around the site.

Coordinate a web style guide 

The aesthetic criteria that mark the appearance and design of a website must be consistent and respected so as not to break with the visual identity initially proposed to present the website.

As a web designer, it is likely that on more than one occasion you find yourself in the role of coordinating and/or preparing style guides, which establish rules to prevent other collaborators who intervene in the creation of the website from breaking the aesthetics or making inappropriate use of the elements that accompany the design.

Carry out adjustments and maintenance pertinent to the website design 

Another of your functions when working as a web designer is to take care that the design of a site is kept clean, orderly and according to trends.

As much as you are able to design the most attractive and professional website once, your efforts will not have the same value if the portal is not improved and updated over time.

Complementing themselves with the rest of the team involved in the process of creating and maintaining the websites

As a web designer, you won’t always work alone.

Anyone with knowledge related to the world of web content design, development and creation (understand web developers and programmers, UX / UI designers, SEO experts, etc.), intervenes in the process of shaping a website, landing page, e-commerce, among other types of web portals.

It is important to understand the purpose of each role linked to the context of web design to collaborate in synergy.

Technical skills and tools to work as a web designer

There are certain technical aspects that go into the process of designing an attractive website, therefore, a good web designer is qualified to work with technologies and tools such as:

  • Content management platforms or Content Management Systems (CMS). Some tools of great use in the field are WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Prestashop …
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other basic programming languages ​​that you may occasionally need to work on your website’s code.
  • Layout makers or visual content editors such as Figma, Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer, etc.

Soft skills necessary to work as a web designer

Technical skills aren’t the only type of skills that will make your job as a web designer easier and increase your chances of getting hired. Here are some personal and professional skills that characterize the most successful web designers:

Creativity and aesthetic criteria 

As a web designer, you have to get as close as possible to new ways to capture ideas, demonstrate originality in your work and engage the user with a coherent and attractive aesthetic.

A creative web design with an aesthetic sense is capable of captivating the user’s gaze without having to explain himself.

Attention to detail 

They say that beauty is in the details and any discipline linked to the world of design has it quite clear. As a web designer, it’s important to train your eyes to catch those little visual elements that can make the difference between a good design and a great one.

Adaptability and curiosity 

In the field of technology, trends advance by leaps and bounds and web design is no exception.

A good web designer keeps an open mind to all the news in the sector and is curious to reinvent himself and know what is happening in the landscape, in order to offer an updated job.

Agile thinking 

As a web designer, your work includes a series of steps, responsibilities and priorities that it is important to organize with productive management of the tasks and the time that you dedicate to each phase of the projects in which you participate.

Agile methodologies, intended as an effective results-oriented framework, are skills worth developing to distribute and automate work with unmatched efficiency.


At work as a web designer, it is common to see yourself forced to collaborate with different clients and professionals who are dedicated to different areas that give life to the final product, either directly to the website or in the elements that intervene within it.

The ability to work in a team and think in a collective framework is key to successfully overcoming the challenges of day-to-day as a web designer.

Empathy towards the user

One of the most important skills to ensure a successful job as a web designer, which is sadly often overlooked, is empathy for the user who will ideally navigate the web products you design.

The ability to “put yourself in the shoes” of the user is key to anticipating possible scenarios, problems, doubts or concerns that may arise around the design, content and usability of the page, so that you can manufacture a more efficient experience even before putting a website on the air.

Training to work as a web designer

One of the most common doubts when considering developing a professional career as a web designer is “What to study?” The reality is that the path is not subject to a single course and today, with the benefits of online education, it is very easy to train and acquire the skills required to work as a web designer.

Job options as a web designer

One of the greatest advantages of working as a web designer is its flexibility to not settle for a single route or path to follow to carry out your professional activity.

Depending on your personal and work goals, these are some modalities in which you can frame your work as a web designer:

Employee modality 

It is the traditional form of employment, where you work under a contractual agreement with a single employer in exchange for a set salary.

In general, this type of employment implies meeting a certain schedule and attending an office in person; However, as it is a profession directly linked to new information and communication technologies (ICT), there are more and more companies willing to hire web designers remotely.

Freelance or autonomous mode 

It refers to the self-employment modality, in which agreements are established with different companies and private clients to collaborate with your services as a web designer on specific projects.

Unlike what happens when working as a salaried web designer, as a freelancer or freelancer, you are in control of your own hours, the location from where you collaborate, the deadlines in which you want to work and the expected remuneration based on the needs and skills required.

Independent entrepreneur mode 

The profile of the web designer, occupying such a valuable role as a starting point to shape ideas and projects of different kinds, has a valuable arsenal of tools and digital skills to undertake in the technology sector.

In this modality, you give yourself the opportunity to build your own businesses, starting from your skills as a web designer, until giving life to products or services capable of positioning themselves as interest and benefit for a specific audience.

Salary of a web designer

Although salary is one of the most attractive points of the job as a web designer and in fact, it is usually an important motivator for many professionals who undertake the transition to this profile, talking about income is always relative to many factors.

Your level of experience, training, conditions of the job offer, type of company, and type of employment, are just some of the aspects that can influence the salary you receive when working as a web designer.

However, to establish a reference base, the average determined by most of the largest online job portals in Spain, establishes an average annual salary of approximately 18,649 euros for web designers who have just started in this field.

As in any other professional profile, with the passage of time and as more skills and experience are acquired, it is possible to see a notable increase in this number.

Where to look for a job as a web designer

Below we have prepared a list where you can see projects available to work as a web designer.

List of web portals to know web design projects

Below you will find more than a dozen web portals to work as a freelancer in the world of web design:

Infojobs: In the famous job search engine, you will find hundreds of opportunities to work in graphic design. Many of these job postings are to fill remote jobs.

Indeed: It is a job metasearch engine that groups job offers from different web portals and companies.

LinkedIn: In addition to connecting with other people, you can also access a multitude of job offers to work as a web designer.

Remotojob: It is one of the largest Spanish-speaking communities to access job offers remotely.

Workana: It is a website where you can access a remote job bank aimed at freelancers interested in finding telecommuting opportunities.

Behance:  Through this platform, you can show your work and also find projects to carry out. It is a very popular web portal among graphic design professionals.

Upwork: It is another of the best-known websites to carry out specific web design jobs. You can also find opportunities for other types of professionals.

Toptal: Toptal is a web platform that allows remote technical work to be carried out remotely, connecting high-class companies and institutions with freelancers from different professional areas.

Peopleperhour: To carry out specific web design jobs. A community of freelance talent available to work remotely.

Twago: A website similar to the previous one where a large number of experts meet and companies can hire to develop different jobs.

Upwork: A totally free platform that connects freelancers and agencies with companies looking for specialized talent to develop a project.

Fiverr: a specialized platform for the purchase and sale of digital products and services, that is, it is only possible to sell services or products that can be delivered online, nothing physical.

Codeable : A freelance platform specialized in WordPress development. It was born with the aim of connecting companies and private clients with the best WordPress experts from different parts of the world.

Freelancer: Here you can find a multitude of projects for professionals from different areas. It is one of the largest portals in Spanish that exist to work as a freelancer. It currently has more than 21 million users and more than 11 million published works.

Dribbble: A community of designers where you can show and explore designs from different professionals from around the world. There is also a section to find offers to work on different projects.

Work for a company in another country as a web designer

If you are one of those who prefer to travel and spend a long time working in another destination, another great option for finding a job as a web designer is working for a company in another country.

Most large and medium-sized companies around the world have graphic designers on their staff.

You just have to look on  Linkedin to know the large number of job opportunities that exist for professionals in this sector. Be careful, for this, you have to use the keyword depending on the country where you are looking for a job as a designer. If you are looking for a job in Japan, do not write in French …

Not only  Linkedin is a good option to look for work in companies in other countries. You can also access the best-known job portals in the country where you are or where you want to work to find out what job offers are available for graphic designers.

To know these job web portals, you can use the  Guides to work around the world. If you can’t find the country you were looking for, just leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

You can also go to large companies, video game companies, marketing, advertising, new startups, etc.

Create your own personal brand as a web designer

It is very important today to have a presence on the internet and create a personal brand that characterizes you, that endorses your work, and that positions you both in the physical and digital world.

The other day we gave some tips to position your personal brand, in them, you will learn the main tips to take into account when starting to work on your own brand.

Obviously,  having a professional blog will open the doors for you to get better opportunities when it comes to accessing a job in a company as a web designer as well as if you want to work as a freelancer and show your completed projects and everything you know about this topic.

In addition, through your blog, you can also sell products or offer services that provide you with income to work from anywhere in the world. This is a trend that is growing more and more every day.

The world of graphic design is very competitive, and you have to show strong skills if you want to get into good job. You are ready?

Conclusions about working as a web designer

Now yes! The scarcity of information is no longer an excuse for not training and working as a web designer, a highly demanded profession in a context where, if there is not a solid presence on the internet, it is almost impossible to publicize ideas, products, services, among many other elements of digital innovation.

If you consider working as a web designer to be your thing, the time has come to take the first step in choosing this career path, or instead, explore other similar digital career options for which we have also developed comprehensive guides.


- Know the unknown, be the best -
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